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Controlling LED Strips with a D1mini running WLED works (I’ve been doing it for years), but the Dig-Uno makes it work much better!  The Dig-Uno adds a voltage booster for the data signal so you don’t have to connect the D1mini right next to the first LED. It also has reverse connection protection.  I’ve zapped a couple D1mini’s by switching my +/- accidentally.  It also has capacitors to protect your LED strip from sudden surge of voltage when you first plug them in, and it has a fuse if somehow you connect too many LEDs or have a short, nothing will melt or catch fire.

Designed by the the great LED Wizard – Quindor.  This devices comes totally assembled and ready to go.

Includes the D1mini, pre-loaded with WLED, and a little plastic project box.

—-  and… they’re gone again. More coming about Aug 10th ——

Devices are available for International Customers at: https://quinled.info/2020/02/11/quinled-dig-uno-pre-assembled-available/

QuinLED-Dig-Uno is part of the digital LED controller family and is an ESP8266/ESP32 powered WiFi connected addressable LED (strip) controller.

QuinLED-Dig-Uno is suited for Clocked (Data and Clock pin) and Clockless 5v or 12v Digital LED strips with various chips such as the WS2812b (Neopixel), APA102/SK9822 (Dotstar) or SK6822 LED chips. Further the QuinLED-Dig-Uno has been tested to work with ESPhome (For Home Assistant), ESPpixelstick (E1.31), Adafruit NeoPixelbus, FastLED and the excellent WLED firmware! Pins are available for each of the aforementioned software to drive either in DMA or UART mode on the ESP8266.

Canadian orders are taking a LONG TIME to arrive (thanks Covid!)  Some orders have taken over a month to go from the US to Canada.  

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